Katalyst Image Consulting- Escalating your personal and professional image. This premiere, executive consultancy offers males an opportunity
to discreetly and confidentially address and conquer elements –appearance, behaviour, communication- that may be hindering their social or professional balance and excellence.

"By exclusively assessing the needs of today’s modern man, Katalyst, in a unique, trend-savvy manner will act as an Agent of Change; a counselor of style and civility... lifestyle concierge. "

Men who meet with Katalyst will not compromise their masculinity, but rather will increase their appeal from all lifestyle perspectives. You will elevate your “game” from the gym, to the bar; from the dinner party to the boardroom or business lunch.

Subtle, but effective changes will occur; even your macho friends will notice and comment on the change, the refinement. You will rise in the ranks at
the office. You will be noticed and remembered. You will make more money. The mandate of Katalyst is to take your most valuable commodity, You,
and make it better. This is about being honest with you, for you, and making the changes to excel. Like the sister you wish you’d had, Katalyst’s Agent
of Change will help you escalate your image.